People for the neighborhood was created out of necessity to fulfill a need for unbiased information about our community. People for the neighborhood is not a traditional organization. We are a group of people from the neighborhood for the improvement of the neighborhood. There are no presidents, vice presidents or secretaries. Simply put, it’s just a collective of people with one spokesperson. Our goal is to seek equitable service for South East Queens. We encourage all residents of South East Queens to get involved and become aware of what is taking place in their neighborhood before it is too late.We are not a 501c, we are self funded. This allows us an uninfluenced platform.

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1 Response to About

  1. Cathy Christian says:

    Dear Mr. Rivers and Mr. Whitehead:
    On behalf of the 221&222 Streets Block Association thank you both for taking the time to join our meeting yesterday evening. We look forward to a continued dialog with you as we practice to be come a more perfect union of “we the people”
    Thank you, Cathy Christian


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