2018 Dedicated to Men’s Health

In 2018 after the election I took a short sabbatical from politics.

I concentrated my energy on my personal health, workout regiment. It is a known fact ( according to the CDC ) only 23.2% of adults over the age of 18 meet the Physical Activity Guidelines for both aerobic and muscle strengthening activity. I believe personal health is a life style and should be listed right under your family and belief in God. It is for this belief I have always incorporated working out into my life style. My particular work out regiment consist of training three to four times a week. During the course of the year in June of 2018, while running on the treadmill I began to have some sporadic palpitations (shortness of breath). In good shape and having a strong male ego, I quickly attributed these short disruptions to improper breathing, eating too close to work out time, and lack of proper rest.

These irregular disruptions continued from June through August, and as always I found reason to ignore them. On August 16, 2018 while at the gym I fell down a flight of concrete stairs. In my attempt to break my fall, I extended my left arm to protect my head and face. While this did prevent me from receiving serious injury. This motion resulted with me completely severing two tendons in my left shoulder. The fall I had taken now required surgery to fix.

Before you have to have surgery, you are required to get a pre surgical exam. This is to ensure you are capable of withstanding the procedure. It was during this pre surgical check I was administered an Electrocardiogram (EKG). During this process it was determined there was something drastically wrong with my heart. I went from needing surgery on my shoulder to needing to see a Cardiologist immediately. (To shorten my story) I was diagnosed with a condition called Ventricular tachycardia.(A condition in which the lower chambers of the heart beat very quickly). This is a condition if untreated can lead to death. I chose a procedure called ablation to remedy the problem. The procedure took approximately four hours, after my heart was as good as new. I was subsequently cleared for my shoulder surgery January 2, 2019, and after six months of grinding rehabilitation it also is as good as new.

I am sharing this story because, we as black and brown men often place low priority on our health, we put off Doctors appointments and ignore symptoms. I was previously included in the same category. Thinking I’m in great shape I made excuses for my difficultly in breathing while exercising. It took me falling down a flight of stairs to be properly diagnosed.

The moral of this story, Black and Brown men if you feel something is abnormal or out of the usual, please get it checked right away. The life you save may be yours.

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Save Our Community

For decades southeastern Queens has been a thriving community that produced generations of homeowners, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and legendary professionals. It is still a community that produces many independent business persons, media personalities, professionals, city administrators and even Olympic medalists.

With all of the outstanding achievers that these communities have produced and still has to offer; we could be so much more, if we had community advocates with a vision to develop projects that would maximize the potential of our youth and the millennials while sustaining quality programs for our aging population.

Opportunities to resist the destruction of educational programs, the continuous implementation of homeless and hotel shelters, not to mention the lack of community centers for our youth are items that our electeds have failed to advocate for.

Our community needs representatives who will maintain an effective challenge against developers and government policies that seek to negatively impact our community.

To resist the city’s practice of placing an unfair share of minimally supervised, underserviced, shelters in our neighborhoods; I took the lead for a coalition of community groups that collected thousands of petitions, staged weekly protests and challenged the process in the Supreme and Appellate Court as well as presenting complaints to the New York State Attorney General’s office and the United States Attorney Generals office.

I believe that city resources that flow into our neighborhoods should be used to:

  • Improve our educational infrastructure – Providing comprehensive & vocational programs and facilities for students in our community.
  • Increase the availability of truly affordable housing – Decreasing the need to warehouse people in hotels and homeless shelters is more economical and improves the quality of life for all involved.
  • Development of an economic incubator – To, in general, support small business, youth employment and to generate venues where the talents located in southeastern Queens can prosper and work for the people in southeastern Queens.
  • Develop a community resource hub – Where community residents can have access to representatives from multiple city agencies. Giving residents ways to address such issues as the lack of or over enforcement of regulations and policies such as police community relations, and DEP issues of lead in our drinking water and environmental injustice.

WORDS THAT DON’T MATCH DEEDS ARE MEANINGLESS……Doing what was done before will not bring different results.  Addisleigh Park, Cambria Heights, Hollis, Jamaica, Queens Village, Saint Albans and Springfield Gardens are names of neighborhoods in southeastern Queens that can lose their integrity if we don’t have someone who believes we are worthy of true representation. Please help me Save our Community by voting for me on Primary Day, September 12, 2017.

As your councilman, I, Anthony Rivers, will be an advocate for this community,




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People have asked our team of petitioners, “Why is Anthony Rivers running for City Council?”

The answer, we need an ADVOCATE FOR SOUTH EAST QUEENS.
Have you noticed how the quality of the neighborhood services changes as soon as you cross Jamaica Ave.? Ask yourself the following questions.

Why are homeless shelters constantly being placed on our side of Queens instead of adhering to the fair share policies?

Why are High schools being collocated (multiple locations in one building) in our neighborhood? but, function as one school on the north side of Queens.

Why don’t our schools function well?

Why are property taxes  going up in our neighborhood, while other communities get property tax exemptions?

Why the streets aren’t cleaned and paved?

Why are senior citizen centers being closed?

These are just a few questions that come to mind.

The reason we’re running, we realized our incumbent has not challenged the Mayor, Borough President, or District Attorney on any issue that directly impacts our neighborhood. He stands with a lot of people, but seldom rolls up his sleeves to fight against anything that has a negative impact in our community. (click on link to mayors meeting)

These are the reasons Anthony Rivers is running for City Council. We are grassroots, we don’t seek multiple endorsements. (every endorsement equals less control) Why have we decided to put my name out front?

I would like to say, my name may be on the ballot but I don’t consider it my seat. It is the community’s seat.
We are fighting for goals and objectives for our community.
We need SEQ to come out and vote on September 12,  bring control back to the people.

This gets Worse, to further substantiate collusion the incumbent is using the attorney Frank Bolz on his petitions.

Frank Bolz, for those who don’t know (see link to Daily News Article) is the very same attorney who works to keep control over the entire democratic party in queens county. You wonder why nothing gets done in our community, this is the reason. (please read daily news article)










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New York State Attorney General

The N.Y.S.  Attorney General is Eric T. Schneiderman. The State Attorneys General has a  Civil Rights Bureau. People have asked us, what have we worked on since the court case on Hollis Ave?  I didn’t feel the need to publish our struggle but, since you have inquired I will oblige.

On December 10, 2014 Community Board 12 filed for a  moratorium on the further building or expansion of homeless or other problem facilities. This was based on the fact, CB12 has 40% of all such facilities in Queens, while CB11 has ZERO. We also used the Mayors own words spoken while interviewed. (Queens Press March 11, 2016, conducted by T. Dowd) When asked if he would support a bill that would limit the amount of supportive housing in a single community, the Mayor said no. The Mayor is quoted ” I think that is a policy matter not a legislative matter”

March 29, 2016 we filed a discrimination complaint ( correspondence number 2016-1281021) with the New York State Attorney Generals Office against Mayor DeBlasio, and his administration on behalf of South East Queens. We compiled facts pertaining specifically to Community Board 12, CB12 at the time had 32% of all the shelters in queens by comparison to CB11 (Auburndale, Little Neck, Bayside, Douglaston, Douglas Manor, Hollis Hills, Oakland Gardens) which has ZERO.

April 06, 2016 we received conformation of the complaint. On May 26,2016 we received an unsigned letter of rejection. On May 31, 2016 We (People For The Neighborhood, Community 1st., and The Saint Albans Civic) visited the Attorney Generals office. We were met by Office Manager Melisa Smith, she stated the rejection letter was a standard response and assured us someone would contact us in regards to our complaint. On June 02, 2016, we received a phone call from Attorney Jessica Attie who discussed our complaint and stated she would contact us in the future in regards. After waiting three weeks with no response we visited the Attorney Generals Office for a second time and was met by security with no contact from the AGO’s office. On June 21, 2016, we received a call from Shiann Headen (Paralegal from Attorney Generals Office) who stated she would be in contact with us in regards to our complaint. On July 25, 2016, I called the AGO, spoke with Shiann Headen who stated she had made several attempts to contact me with no response. (THIS WAS A BLANTANT LIE) we ended the conversation in disagreement. On September 03, 2016, We received a phone from AGO, attorney Jessica Attie stating she is not pursuing our complaint. We believe this is in direct violation of the Attorney Generals duties.

On September 20, 2016, we filed a complaint with AGO, Public Integrity Bureau referencing the above matter and, have not heard a response to this very day.

On November 10, 2016 we filed a complaint with U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division.

On January 27, 2017  the D.O.J responded, (I’m paraphrasing) The D.O.J. has no authority to take action on allegations concerning the denial of other rights related to housing that are not covered by the Fair Housing Act.

We are private citizens acting on behalf of our community, can you imagine if our electeds worked together to protect the community they serve.

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This article published by the Daily News further substantiates the corruption South East Queens is subject to.

The article itself is more than self explanatory but, if you need further explanation as to how this directly affects our neighborhood, I suggest you also click on the second link (Latest articles about PFTN) Look at the judges name who handled our Supreme Court case the second time. This judge was so biased, he refused to even hear the case. He(judge Naham) made all parties involved submit there petitions in writing, Why are Elected Officials in S.E.Q. doubling as District Leaders? The answer to control the Supreme Court process. This has a direct affect on our community.

Click Here: Daily News Article

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South East is Queens is in Dire Straits

    Our local politicians have band together to support the re-election of Mayor de Blasio. This is a major problem. The mayor along with the cooperation of our local Council members, have worked hand in hand to decimate South East Queens.  Community Board 12 currently has over 50 percent of ALL THE SHELTERS IN QUEENS. The Mayor along with several Council members have conspired to flood our area with hotels that will now operate as additional shelters. The following NORTH EAST QUEENS neighborhoods have no shelters. BAYSIDE, WHITESTONE, LITTLE NECK, AUBURNDALE, BAY TERRACE, BEECH HURST,FLORAL PARK, MURRAY HILL.  If you take the time to watch the town hall meeting from sept. 28, 2016 with the Mayor at Roy Wilkens park, you will see the Mayor congratulates Councilman Miller, for placing the shelter on Hollis Ave.   People For The Neighborhood fought vehemently to have those buildings utilized as affordable housing for senior citizens and residents of the Hollis area.                                                                                                                                                                (taking the City of N.Y.to court, receiving a court order of restraint on the location. see queens chronicle for more info. (type in Hollis shelters)


WE DEMAND SOUTH EAST QUEENS BE TREATED FAIRLY. What is the problem with the additional hotel/shelters?

  1. The hotels don’t have proper facilities to support family life.
  2. Once placed in these facilities, the tenants are abandoned without the proper social services needed to help them get back on their feet.
  3. These hotels/shelters are constantly being placed on our side of Queens which directly affects our property value.
  4. The local schools  are already over crowded, will now carry and even greater burden.
  5. The people placed in these hotels/shelters which are located near schools in some instances are not properly vetted.
  6. Over crowding in one particular area without the proper funding/services, places our community at a disadvantage.

We want every neighborhood in Queens to carry their share of the burden.
The constant placement of these type of facilities in south east queens is Blatant Racism.

The sad thing about this, our council members are not opposing this terrible plan the mayor has commenced.

1.Why is the Mayor selling N.Y.C.H.A. buildings?

2. Why hasn’t the Mayor called for a moratorium on evictions in N.Y.C.H.A.?

3. Why is The Mayor rewarding rich developers with city land for one dollar if they build hotel/shelters? see web site : (NYC  The City Record Online)Property Disposition

4. Why is the Mayor paying $200.00 a night to house homeless people in a hotel, while  making it virtually impossible for a family to receive section 8? Why are City owned properties like Creedmoor sitting vacant.

Why isn’t the city council members questioning this policy? 

The math doesn’t add up.   $ 200.00 a night X 30 nights = $ 6000.00 a month

Most families could stay in their apartment for less than 1/3 of this amount.

This administration stinks of corruption.

This sites information was provided by Anthony Rivers and members of PEOPLE FOR THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

You can contact the above organization direct by Email : PEOPLE FOR THE NEIGHBORHOOD@GMAIL.COM





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In his weekly news letter, Daneek Miller has a picture of himself and members of the land use division. What a joke. If he was concerned, he certainly did not raise any issues at the TOWN HALL meeting. This is an intentional attempt to deceive this Community. Don’t be fooled, watch the Town hall meeting by clicking below.



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You can find a link to the latest Article involving People For The Neighborhood below. We continue to fight on behalf of our neighborhood.


On Sept. 28, We were able to gain access to a secret TOWN HALL meeting with Mayor Bill De Blasio. How can you have a meeting with only a select group of people and call it a Town hall meeting? Our Councilman I.Dannek Miller sponsored the meeting and, only chose those who would not create a problem for the mayor. Can you believe, they let me in. They asked questions in a round robin fashion, kept ignoring me until I began to stand up every time they approached our section.  Finally I was able to ask about the bombing of shelters into Community Board 12. I asked the mayor would he consider implementing legislation for Fair Share. He flat out told everyone there NO. He states he will continue his racist placing of shelters into our Community since we don’t fight like the people in Maspeth.    YOU CAN SEE NONE OF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS CHALENGED HIM ON HIS POSITION. THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM.

Latest Article for PFTN: Here

Latest article for PFTN: Here.

 To watch this meeting on YouTube click on the link below:  HERE

Here is another problem we have with our elected officials: Here

hollis-8 hollis-10

hollis-7  hollis 1

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