COVID – 19

The first case of COVID – 19 was confirmed in New York State on March 1, 2020

I empathize with all whom may have lost someone, or knows someone whose life was lost to COVID – 19. You have my heart felt sorrow.

On march 07, 2020 the governor of New York declares a state of emergency. On March 22, the governor of New York declares a stay at home order. On May 14, 2020 Amid the ongoing Pandemic Governor Cuomo announces five regions will reopen.

Our needs are at best minimally addressed. Affordable quality health care should be accessible to all residents. This rational for this is evidenced by the manners in which the Southeastern sections of Queens has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The health of your neighbor can have an impact or change health of every member of your personal family. During this pandemic, information, testing sites, availability of treatment, vaccinations etc. were all lacking. Additionally, we find out that some of our long term care residents have been exposed to Covid-19 unnecessarily, and or given questionable treatments without their knowledge, or authority of a guardian or family member.

Even in these uncertain times our advocacy didn’t falter.

During the shut down of the City, many people of our community suffered hardships and became unemployed. Brother Oster Bryan, from Community 1st. took the initiative and contacted William Shah Sawyer of, Inner City Tech. a food provider of box lunches. Brother Bryan called me and asked if we would like to participate in several food drives to help our people of South East Queens. We delivered food to the following locations.(Rising Star Baptist Church, Mt Olivet Baptist and Queens Tabernacle Church) on several different days.

About peoplefortheneighborhood

Anthony Rivers served his country for 4 years as a United States Marine, upon his honorable discharge, he immediately began his career as a public servant with the New York City Police Department attaining the rank of Lieutenant. After 23 years he retired and now fights and serves on behalf of the community in which he lives.
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