Why Are We Running For City Council 2021


To all the residents of South East Queens

We need a representative who will “Bring accountability back” to South East Queens. After ample prayers, reflection, and discussion with family, local community, and friends I felt empowered to run for City Council.

I am a married father of three children, and a home owner in Saint Albans for the last 27 years. I am a former United States Marine, NYPD retired Lieutenant with 23 years of service, a Licensed financial service provider of 27 years, and a community activist.

My 23 years of experience with the NYPD has lead me to do community work throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and the South Bronx. During my final position within the department, I held the title of Lieutenant Integrity Control Officer (ICO).*

*(My duties included the development of an Integrity Control Program suitable and responsive in the exchange of information for self anti-corruption purposes. I managed the integrity for the Sergeants, Police Officers, and the civilian workers of the entire Command.)

As a licensed Financial provider of 27 years, I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours across the kitchen table educating, and assisting every day families on how to save and accumulate money for retirement.

As you view our website, you will see true advocacy. I am asking you to support my campaign to bring about change in our community. 

My platform is based on the community’s needs:

The Challenges we face in our District are not being addressed. Our schools are inadequately educating our children. School Digger data sources reveals (see:https://www.schooldigger.com/) that our local schools are struggling in comparison to schools in other districts. Additionally, we have a lack of affordable housing, more than our share of shelters, and higher property taxes than more affluent neighborhoods.


To advocate for comprehensive educational programs ( academic, vocational, and STEM) at all levels. While I totally endorse STEM programs, we must advocate to re incorporate Vocations back into our public schools.

Vocational training programs for young adults, and ex-offenders. JFK airport is currently in a ten plus billion dollar expansion, we must advocate for Port Authority to spend more money in our community to support additional training in Vocations needed for our residents.

Quality after school experiences, tutoring, and recreational.


Increase funding for the Mayor’s office of Veteran’s Affairs

Work to increase transparency in Veteran’s Court.

Veteran’s Court exits to honor their military service and support Veterans involved in the criminal justice system.


Real Affordable Housing (no more warehousing people in hotel/shelters) fight to have local affordable housing reflect local Area Median Incomes.

Fighting against up zoning and re-zoning of single-family zones. Fight for lower ratio to value tax payments on single family homes and cooperative apartments in our area.

Stop illegal foreclosures throughout South East Queens


While walking through the neighborhood, I have witnessed the traumatic impact of Covid-19 on small businesses in Southeast Queens. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to talk to many small business owners over the last 6 months. The greatest challenge I find is the lack of information being forwarded to the owners. It is my intention once elected to make greater efforts to increase access to pertinent information such as the Payment protection program, the New York Loan Fund and Local enterprise certification program, readily available to help small businesses thrive.


Work on upgrading our hospitals, water, sewage, for growing population.

                           ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE

Continue to lobby for environmentally friendly Waste Transfer Stations.

see website for additional advocacy on Waste Transfer Stations.

                                    PUBLIC SAFETY

Look to improve Quality of life issues. NYPD- reform, by way of reducing the responsibilities of the Police. We know from statistics 17 to 20% of all police shootings involve someone with a mental health issue. We would like to implement a concept of Crisis Assistance helping on the streets. (crisis response) By placing a psychology clinician and a medical clinician in a radio patrol vehicle and have them respond to non violent unarmed calls for people with mental health issues.


To, In general, support small business, young adult financial literacy and employment, to generate venues where the talents from southeastern Queens can prosper and work for the people in southeastern Queens. Properly trained people from our neighborhood in modern skills such as, Electrical, Pluming, Carpentry, Roofing, Solar Panel Installation, maintenance, and Masonry, Who would then be encouraged to open up small shops within the neighborhood to service our neighborhood.

                        DEVELOP A COMMUNITY RESOURCE HUB

Where community residents can have access to representatives from multiple city agencies. Giving residents ways to address such issues as Human resources, Dep issues, property tax issues.

            I greatly appreciate all your past support. I know together we can work to shape the future of southeastern queens into a great place to work and live. I look forward to continuing to work on behalf of our community. It is time to make it official.

To donate to our cause, click on the link below.


About peoplefortheneighborhood

Anthony Rivers served his country for 4 years as a United States Marine, upon his honorable discharge, he immediately began his career as a public servant with the New York City Police Department attaining the rank of Lieutenant. After 23 years he retired and now fights and serves on behalf of the community in which he lives.
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