This article published by the Daily News further substantiates the corruption South East Queens is subject to.

The article itself is more than self explanatory but, if you need further explanation as to how this directly affects our neighborhood, I suggest you also click on the second link (Latest articles about PFTN) Look at the judges name who handled our Supreme Court case the second time. This judge was so biased, he refused to even hear the case. He(judge Naham) made all parties involved submit there petitions in writing, Why are Elected Officials in S.E.Q. doubling as District Leaders? The answer to control the Supreme Court process. This has a direct affect on our community.

Click Here: Daily News Article

About peoplefortheneighborhood

Anthony Rivers served his country for 4 years as a United States Marine, upon his honorable discharge, he immediately began his career as a public servant with the New York City Police Department attaining the rank of Lieutenant. After 23 years he retired and now fights and serves on behalf of the community in which he lives.
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