South East is Queens is in Dire Straits

    Our local politicians have band together to support the re-election of Mayor de Blasio. This is a major problem. The mayor along with the cooperation of our local Council members, have worked hand in hand to decimate South East Queens.  Community Board 12 currently has over 50 percent of ALL THE SHELTERS IN QUEENS. The Mayor along with several Council members have conspired to flood our area with hotels that will now operate as additional shelters. The following NORTH EAST QUEENS neighborhoods have no shelters. BAYSIDE, WHITESTONE, LITTLE NECK, AUBURNDALE, BAY TERRACE, BEECH HURST,FLORAL PARK, MURRAY HILL.  If you take the time to watch the town hall meeting from sept. 28, 2016 with the Mayor at Roy Wilkens park, you will see the Mayor congratulates Councilman Miller, for placing the shelter on Hollis Ave.   People For The Neighborhood fought vehemently to have those buildings utilized as affordable housing for senior citizens and residents of the Hollis area.                                                                                                                                                                (taking the City of court, receiving a court order of restraint on the location. see queens chronicle for more info. (type in Hollis shelters)


WE DEMAND SOUTH EAST QUEENS BE TREATED FAIRLY. What is the problem with the additional hotel/shelters?

  1. The hotels don’t have proper facilities to support family life.
  2. Once placed in these facilities, the tenants are abandoned without the proper social services needed to help them get back on their feet.
  3. These hotels/shelters are constantly being placed on our side of Queens which directly affects our property value.
  4. The local schools  are already over crowded, will now carry and even greater burden.
  5. The people placed in these hotels/shelters which are located near schools in some instances are not properly vetted.
  6. Over crowding in one particular area without the proper funding/services, places our community at a disadvantage.

We want every neighborhood in Queens to carry their share of the burden.
The constant placement of these type of facilities in south east queens is Blatant Racism.

The sad thing about this, our council members are not opposing this terrible plan the mayor has commenced.

1.Why is the Mayor selling N.Y.C.H.A. buildings?

2. Why hasn’t the Mayor called for a moratorium on evictions in N.Y.C.H.A.?

3. Why is The Mayor rewarding rich developers with city land for one dollar if they build hotel/shelters? see web site : (NYC  The City Record Online)Property Disposition

4. Why is the Mayor paying $200.00 a night to house homeless people in a hotel, while  making it virtually impossible for a family to receive section 8? Why are City owned properties like Creedmoor sitting vacant.

Why isn’t the city council members questioning this policy? 

The math doesn’t add up.   $ 200.00 a night X 30 nights = $ 6000.00 a month

Most families could stay in their apartment for less than 1/3 of this amount.

This administration stinks of corruption.

This sites information was provided by Anthony Rivers and members of PEOPLE FOR THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

You can contact the above organization direct by Email : PEOPLE FOR THE NEIGHBORHOOD@GMAIL.COM





About peoplefortheneighborhood

Anthony Rivers served his country for 4 years as a United States Marine, upon his honorable discharge, he immediately began his career as a public servant with the New York City Police Department attaining the rank of Lieutenant. After 23 years he retired and now fights and serves on behalf of the community in which he lives.
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